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Across Generation Ecoliteracy of Local Food as A Model for Promoting Sustainable Living to the Youth

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Sang Putu Kaler Surata, I Ketut Widnyana, Luh Kadek Budi Martini
University of Mahasaraswati Denpasar. Contact address:


Across generation ecoliteracy of local food (AGL) is an approach that undergraduate students who already understand the concepts of ecoliteracy and has extensive experiences in cooperative learning, will act as facilitators in engaging elementary school students and communities around the schools for raising their awareness of local food ecoliteracy. Whereas local food ecoliteracy means the ability of someone to apply ecological concepts of local food management. For these reason we conducted action research involving 33 undergraduate students from three different faculties of University Mahasaraswati Denpasar to do nearly three months (August-October 2010) service learning at six elementary school in Bangli Regency, Bali. The core of they are activity is small, real and locally action to promote education for sustainable development (EfSD) through planting edible native trees in the school garden and homeyard, using environmentally friendly techniques. Each group has practiced AGL based on three pilar of EfSD: economic, environment, and social. The evaluation was done before, during and after learning service. Results showed the AGL is an excellent starting point for promoting EfSD to the youth. While sociogram of social network analysis visualized that students were much more likely to cluster in groups after AGL compared with before it. Thus, AGL is a model of cooperative learning that can enhance collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships among learners. Its also social learning in which transfer of knowledge and science exchange occurred from different fields, working jointly and using a shared conceptual framework in the small, real and local action. The ability of social learning is a prerequisite for the successfully of EfSD.

Key words: service learning, EfSD, collaboration, cooperation, partnership.

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